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Chef Aaron "Peanut" Hanning and Beau Hays have been chasing down the American Dream, together, now for years. In 2015 what started as a Food Truck pipe dream has become the gateway to all that builds a Culinary American Dream.

In the early days of running a modest food truck these two began building a new way to deliver their passion for high quality Cajun food and a truly Southern good time. As the food truck gained in notoriety throughout the region it became common place for the two friends to receive requests to cater small parties.


As the requests continued to roll in, BeauxJax Catering was born. Piece by piece the two friends added equipment and added staff to keep up with demand. Each catering presented it's own unique vibe, and the two quickly realized that catering was a relationship bigger than just food and chef. If it were to be done right, it would require an equally unique attention to detail and a desire to build a personal relationship with both the person hosting and their guests.


The experiences they provided on the proverbial catering circuit quickly built a reputation for quality and affordability. But even further created relationships with guests that have carried these friends into the creation of BeauxJax Crafthouse and Frozen Pirogue. These two restaurants are now regarded as two of the highest touted Cajun eateries in the region - but it all started with the attention to detail and attention to relationships developed as BeauxJax Catering. The two owners are still proud to be so hands on with each BeauxJax catering. Afterall, this is where the strength of BeauxJax was born.


Day 1.jpg

Day 1

year 1.jpg



YEAR 1.5

Year 2.jpg


year 2a.jpg

Year 2

year 3 2.jpg


year 3 1.jpg

Year 3

Year 3.jpg


year 3 b.jpg


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"Start with a handshake and anything is possible."

            -Beau Hays

                                              Co-Owner BeauxJax

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Wedding Party.jpg

YEAR 5.5

wedding send off.jpg

YEAR 5.5



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Our catering staff has been hand-picked from our restaurants in the East Bank to reflect the highest level of professionalism our crews have to offer. Assembling a great catering team requires fielding a group that compliments one another well, and offer a diverse range of skills. For our staffs, being invited to the catering team is the highest honor. It means that you have displayed the highest attention to detail and have proven to be extremely engaged with the finer points of great customer service. A BeauxJax Catering team member has proven themselves more than ready to display their willingness to adapt and perform flawlessly for your catering needs. This group of dedicated employees is ready to earn your trust as your "go to" caterer.

chefs table.jpg

Our Home

Welcome To Chef's Table

Off-Site Catering has been a large part of BeauxJax history but over the years we have developed a love for hosting.

In 2020 BeauxJax built a dedicated catering kitchen and largel event space, we call, Chef's Table by BeauxJax. Located at 521 Barksdale Blvd, in the center of Bossier City's East Bank District, Chef's Table is the perfect place for BeauxJax to host amazing dinners and events. This kitchen is a space where the creativity we began with can thrive in the form of Underground Dinners, private events with customized menus, and an amazing networking space for our evergrowing downtown. 

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